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  • Please tag the source, what a gorgeous beauty 😍 #shortnaturalhairstyle
  • @brittneyenora 😍 #shortnaturalhairstyle
  • @thirdworldphenom Wow this is incredibly gorgeous 😍 #shortnaturalhairstyle
  • @zozitunzi Miss Universe 2019 πŸ‘‘ #shortnaturalhairstyle
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  • Gorgeously defined curls by #shortnaturalhairstyle
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  • @rikki_danielle ❀️ #shortnaturalhairstyle
  • Gorgeous transformation 😍 @misscarradine #shortnaturalhairstyle

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Miss Universe 2019 is a Black Woman! So is Miss USA, America, Teen USA & World.

December 30, 2019

Proof that you don’t need long hair to slay! Congrats Zozibini Tunzi for winning Miss Universe 2019. Definitely an exquisite choice! Plus did you know…

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Tami Roman is team #short natural hairstyle now!

November 2, 2019

Miss Tami Roman is looking absolutely fabulous ya’ll and she has gotten a beautiful new blonde short natural hairstyle. Tami has always been beautiful but…

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8 Must See Epic Big Chop Before and After Photos

February 18, 2018

Sometimes we big chop because we want to go natural, to cut off damage or simply because we want something new. Whatever the reasons are…

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The Best Products for Defining a TWA

Curl definition is one of the first things that new naturals try to achieve. However, it is important to understand that there is no product that create curls, it only enhances what is already there. You have to learn…


The Benefits of Going to a Barbershop

The natural hair movement has taken the world by storm, encouraging women to transition from processed to natural hair. Women everywhere are transitioning, doing big chops and even second big chops. With new hair comes new style options and…

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How to Grow Out a Tapered Cut

During your natural hair journey you’ve probably experimented with many ways to style your twa. One of the most popular is the fun and stylish tapered twa. But what do you do as your hair grows longer and you’re…