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When Should You Start Protective Styling Short Natural Hair

Protective Styling for Short Natural Hair
Photo Credit: @glammzmore

Protective styling is known for helping women grow healthy hair, but when exactly should you start implementing it? If you wish to grow your hair out, at a certain point protective styling is going to be helpful in caring for your hair.

Here are signs that you may need to start incorporating it into your routine:

  • Your is becoming matted all the time
  • It tangles easily
  • Combing is uncomfortable

Here are some easy starter protective styles to try:

  • Two strand twists
  • Finger coils
  • Braids

When you have 3 inches of hair or more, you more than likely will encounter the signs like matting that are indicators that you will need to implement protective styling.

By implementing protective styles it will reduce matting, make combing less cumbersome and it also serves the purpose of defining your curls. The one downside is that when your hair is shorter you are probably going to want to do smaller sized two strand twists, coils and braids which will take you a bit longer. However these styles do last up to two weeks or longer and when you want to to remove them you will have a curly style option.

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