What to Know Before Coloring Your Natural Hair

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A new season is approaching, fall! The leaves are changing color so why not your hair? Coloring your hair can be something exciting and new. It can make a bold statement and add a new level of fun to your look. But there are some things you need to consider before you take the leap. Darker colors and shades that are within the same range as your natural color shouldn’t cause too many issues. However, going bleach blond or any bright light color could present some problems. Here are a few things to consider before you add some spice to your fro.

Get Inspired

Pick a color, any color! Well maybe not any color. It’s important to pick a color that you like but it is also equally important to consider if the color would complement your skin tone and is the color appropriate for your everyday life. If you’re in a more creative field you may have more color options than someone who works in a structured corporate environment. No matter what look you’re going for the best place to start your search is social media with platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Test the waters

If you picked your color but are still hesitant you can try going a week with some temporary color to test the waters. A product I have mentioned before and I have used myself for a temporary fun new look is Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color. They have a range of colors from bold and bright pink to subtle pop of bronze. Because the color lies on top of the hair follicle the color comes out nice and bright and will allow you to get a feel for the new color before committing.

Assess the current state of your curls

Before coloring your hair you really need to take a look at your hair and its current state. Is your hair dry? Are you experiencing a lot of breakage and your curls are in need of some serious moisture? If you are having any of these problems or your hair is processed of damaged, you really need to address these issues before coloring your hair. Permanently coloring your hair can cause your hair to be weaker and dryer and you really need to make sure that the hair you start with isn’t already weak and dry.

DIY or Professional

As naturals we are used to taking care of our own hair, but now with all these natural hair salons popping up you have another option other than DIY when it comes to coloring your hair. Because you are going for a permanent color and coloring your hair yourself could result in a serious disaster, it’s is a good idea to get it professionally done.

Temporary changes

For darker colors and highlights your hair shouldn’t have too many problems but if you’re going for a significantly lighter color than your natural hair you might encounter some significant changes. The chemical process used could result in increased dryness and a loss of some elasticity due to the dryness. The best way to combat this is to keep a strict routine. Regularly deep conditioning and protein treatments are essential to keep your hair healthy and happy with your gorgeous new color.



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