8 Style Tips For Feeling Bold, Feminine and Fabulous With Your TWA

TWA Style Tips

Natural hair can be rocked in any style with any outfit, even at super short lengths. It takes courage to do the big chop. Many opt for a slow transition, while others are brave enough to just go for it. However, although you may have been courageous in your decision to do the big chop afterwards you may feel some uncertainty about your look. Here are style tips for embracing your boldness and feeling feminine while rocking a short look:

#1 Hair Accessories

Accessories are your new BFF’s. Hats, bandannas, headbands, and flowers are all fun styling options. The sky’s the limit!

#2 Collars

With short natural hair the back of your neck isn’t much covered. When you want a little more coverage, especially in the colder months, opt for pieces with a collar. For more versatility you can also wear a detachable collar that way you can still wear your favorite tops.

#3 Dye it

Dying your curls can really liven them up! Whether you go auburn or electric blue this is definitely the most fun way to turn your hair into your main statement accessory.

#4 Open shoulders and strapless looks

Sweetheart, tube or any of the shoulder bearing look flaunts your short hair and draws attention to your face. Choose dresses and tops that are bold, graphic and colorful.

#5 Jewelry

I’ve always found that a beautiful pair of earring or a bold statement necklace can really add an extra element to an outfit. It also draws attention up towards your face and your gorgeous afro!

#6 Black and sleeveless pieces

This is the most effortlessly fashionable way to dress up your twa. It doesn’t matter if you have a mohawk, asymmetric fro, coils or buzz cut you will always look fierce, feminine and elegant.

#7 Layered Outfits

Layering your clothes can give volume to the outfit making your teenie weenie afro stand out.


This is very important. No matter what length our hair is some naturalistas ooze confidence while some need time to get used to it. Be patient. Over time you will grow to love it! Just remember one thing, you have to love your fabulous TWA before anyone else does.

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