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Thinking of a Cut and Color? Here’s How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

cut and color natural hair

With the warmer months coming up coloring your natural hair could be just the change you need to give your curls new life. Take precaution with the type of permanent color you choose because coloring can cause damage to healthy hair. Some milder options to choose from are henna and temporary color rinses. These options work great for darker colors as lighter colors can take a toll on your strands. But if you’re dying to try light blonde curls be sure to consult a professional to minimize possible damage. Here are some tips on how to care for your dyed natural hair to reduce risk of damage and increase the overall health of your hair.

Moisturize Regularly  

Black natural hair already needs lots of moisture and color treated hair even more so. Because the coloring process can be damaging your hair needs lots of moisture and TLC. Use sulfate free moisturizing shampoos to add moisture and protect your color. A great option is TGIN Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo. If your shampoo lakes a moisturizing component be sure to pre poo beforehand. A  mix of your preferred conditioner and oil will help protect your hair from that stripped feeling shampoo often leaves behind. A nourishing deep conditioner applied every time you wash your hair is key for infusing some much needed moisture into your curls. Also, a solid LOC method will help you retain all that moisture that you just packed into your strands and always pay extra attention your ends. NappyFu has a great method for protecting your ends when styling.

Protective Styling

Wearing protective styles can help reduce the damaging effect of coloring your hair. This is especially important during the cold weather months where your hair is more prone to breakage and split ends. You should try to wear protective styles most of the time to protect your hair from this type of damage and help retain your moisture. I know you want to show your new color off so try styles like individual twists or flat twist styles. When you take them out after a couple of days you’ll have a super defined bomb twist out that shows off your new color.

Space Out Your Touch Ups

An important part of maintaining your color treated hair is getting regular touch ups to keep your hair looking fresh. But coloring that frequently causes more damage to your curls. Try to space out your touch ups as much as possible to give your hair time to recover from the chemicals in the dye. If you coloring process involved bleach giving your hair time to rest is even more important.  Plus, you can always rock the two toned look and there are a bunch of cute styles you can do to hold you over until your next touch up.

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