The Best Products for Defining a TWA

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Curl definition is one of the first things that new naturals try to achieve. However, it is important to understand that there is no product that create curls, it only enhances what is already there. You have to learn to accept your natural curl pattern and learn that not everyone will have the same or any curl uniformity.  Most curls, loose, or tight, can be defined with the right technique and the right products. Here are some product options to define your TWA.


A gel is usually the go to product when naturals are looking to define a wash n go. They are great at creating clumpage and provide great hold for long lasting definition. Some things to be aware of with gels is that some can cause your curls to feel crunchy. Also depending on what products you use with your gel, you could experience some flaking. Make sure you pick a gel that provides a crunch free hold that works well with the other products in your regimen. A great gel to try is Ecostyler gel. It gives you great clumpage and long lasting hold with minimal stiffness.



Another product that defines curls is a curling or styling pudding. Puddings are great because they give you the definition without the crunch. A great pudding is Ic Fantasia Argan Oil Pudding because it can define your curls almost as good as a gel. This product is great to use during your wash n go’s as well as any twist or braid out. Just keep in mind products like these enhance your curl pattern but they do not create curls that aren’t already there.



Mousse is great for looser curl patterns. It is light weight while providing a mild hold. For tighter curl patterns this product is great to use in your twist outs and braid outs, a great option for longer tapered cuts. A great option is Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Frizz- Free Curl Mousse. A cheaper alternative that yields the same results is LottaBody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse.



Custards and jellies are another type of curling product you might come across in your search for the perfect curl defining product. Theses tend to be thicker and more moisturizing than gels which helps in retaining moisture. Some great options are Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Curls Blue Berry Bliss Control Jelly. Products like these also provide great definition for your wash and go’s.


Curl sponge

A quick and easy option for defining your curls with minimal product is a curl sponge. Make sure your hair is moisturized using your desired products then place the sponge on your hair and move it in small circles, going around your entire head. Make sure to move the sponge in one direction, either clockwise or counter clockwise, to make it easier to form the curls. This product works great on small TWA’s as well as longer tapered cuts. Grab yours here.

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    Thanks a lot for this information. Natural salt n pepper hair sponge twist just needed more moisture and definition.😊

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