Great Store Bought Natural Hair Products to Add to Your Regimen

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There are tons of products on the market now dedicated to natural hair. This can be both amazing and terrifying, it’s great that you have all these resources but now you are completely confused and have no idea where to start. The whole process of finding your go to product is really trial by error, but it is all part of the fun journey of learning about your hair. Let me help you make up your minds about a few well know and less well known products that would be a good addition to your regimen.

Petal Fresh

What I love about these products is that not only is it can be purchased at a low price of $5.99  buts it’s ingredients are all derived from natural sources, and  its sulfate free and much more. They have a shampoo and conditioner in pomegranate, tea tree and lavender. Like most shampoos, it does leave your hair with a stripped feeling but a pre poo with your oil of choice lessens this effect. The conditioner is super moisturizing and will leave your curls feeling soft and bouncy.

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Note: This can also be purchased at a Harmon Face Value store, even though it isn’t on their site.

Beautiful Textures

I came across this line of products while looking for a lighter moisturizing cream that doesn’t cause a lot of buildup. Their Moisture Butter is a great addition to any regime if you’re looking for a little something extra to seal in that moisture.

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Kinky –Curly Knot Today

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This leave-in conditioner has great slip thanks to the organic slippery elm and marshmallow root. Because of this it is great for detangling.

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Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Gel


Gels are great for doing a chic slicked back fro look or just smoothing down edges. This gel has more of a light hold, is sulfate free, color safe and, like the whole Shea Moisture line, loaded full of organic ingredients.

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Gorilla Snot (Moco De Gorilla)

If you are looking for a super strong hold that keeps your style in place without having to use too much, then this product is for you. I know the name is kind of weird but it has a great hold, especially for the 4 a/b/c girls who’s only other option in Eco- Styler Gel. It is great for twist outs and laying edges and the price is amazing at $2.99 with no flaking. Just be careful with how much you use because it does build up quickly.

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