How You Can Easily Do a Ponytail on Short Natural Hair

source: Keyara Anntionette

If you are a few months out from doing a big chop or your hair is any length between TWA and that awkward length, then you might be thinking that a ponytail is just not in the cards.  Well I am here to tell you that it is indeed possible to achieve a beautiful full ponytail/puff with a few steps and your favorite products. And don’t worry this ponytail style does not involve any flat irons or heat styling that could damage your curls.


What you will need

  • Spray bottle to dampen hair
  • Leave –in conditioner
  • Sealing oil
  • Gel of your choice with strong hold (Eco Styler gel)
  • denman brush (regular or modified)
  • soft bristle brush
  • hair tie
  • a pack of hair
  • bobby pins


  1. Dampen the hair with the spray bottle
  2. Make sure to apply your leave-in and sealing oil because the gel can be drying to the hair
  3. Thoroughly detangle your hair, with your fingers or with the brush, to make the it easier to lay down your hair
  4. Add a part (side or middle) to add some extra flare (this step is totally optional)
  5. Apply gel and smooth with hands as you go and applying more gel as needed
  6. Follow with denman and soft bristle brush for added smoothness
  7. Once all hair is smoothed down, tie remaining hair together with hair tie
  8. Grab your choice of hair and start wrapping and pinning it around your hair
  9. And Voila!! You’re done!!


Here are a few video tutorials if you need a visual guide for this style:




Here is another great tutorial that is a little less involved and no gel required:


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