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Which look is your fav?

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Tami Roman is team #short natural hairstyle now!

November 2, 2019

Miss Tami Roman is looking absolutely fabulous ya’ll and she has gotten a beautiful new blonde short natural hairstyle. Tami has always been beautiful but…

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8 Must See Epic Big Chop Before and After Photos

February 18, 2018

Sometimes we big chop because we want to go natural, to cut off damage or simply because we want something new. Whatever the reasons are…

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Top 40 of the Best Short Natural Hairstyles

November 21, 2016

Don’t get trapped into thinking that you are limited by the length of your tresses. Here are 40 photos of short natural hairstyles that prove…

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How Often Should You Wash Your TWA

A good starting point for cleansing your hair is once per week. However, being that with a TWA tangles are not as bothersome you could wash even more often than this if you choose to.Β In fact, when your hair…