Natural Hair and Your Significant Other

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Discussing hair with your significant other can be sensitive territory especially if you are making the leap from chemically straightened to natural hair. It’s a drastic change that you’re undergoing and you are going to need all the love and support you can get.  When it comes down to it, it is your hair and your decision but here are a few things to consider discussing with your significant other to help them understand your choice.

Discuss your choice

Not everybody likes surprises and having straight long hair one day and a short curly fro the next may not be the best way to introduce your boo to your new cut. Try talking with them about why you want to do the big chop. Some of your reasons may be you want to regrow healthier hair, or your looking for a change or maybe you want to learn more about your natural texture. Whatever your reasons are share them with your SO but most importantly mention that this is something that you are doing for you and how much it would mean if they were supportive.

Your satin pillow

Your satin pillow is just that, YOUR satin pillow. All other pillows are fair game except this one. I know that is feels nice against the skin and it always has a cool side but if they don’t want your hair to be stuck in whatever misshapen form is was in while you were sleeping they need to pick another pillow.


Even though your hair will be growing, as long as you keep it moisturized and healthy, there will always be shrinkage. No, you didn’t cut your it, it’s just the nature of kinky, coily hair. One day your curls are stretched making you hair appears longer the next shrinkage has taken over and your hair now appears to be half the length. Just stretch out a curl to show them that you didn’t cut it again and that should calm them back down.

Wash Day

Spending a whole day at the salon has been replaced by wash day. The actual washing won’t take the whole day but allowing your style to set and dry will definitely take all day and night. Maybe teach them your weekly routine so they at least know not to make any plans on the same day.

Protective styles

When caring for and growing out your natural hair protective styles are the way to go, and you will probably be trying a lot of them. Educate your SO with visual aids to help them better understand the different types of styles and looks that qualify as protective styles. Maybe they can even help you pick out a few.

The “No touching!” rule

As your significant other they are pretty much the only person you will allow to touch your hair without asking. However, we all know that when you achieve that perfect twist, coil or braid out the last thing you want is it getting ruined. Just explained to your boo that they can touch, feel and play but no ruffling allowed. Be gentle.


At the end of the day your natural hair is a part of you and having your SO on board can really help encourage you.  How you feel about your hair can affect the way you feel about yourself and if your boo loves you for you then they will love your natural hair.

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