How to Trim Your Natural Hair

image source: NaturalMe4C (youtube)
image source: NaturalMe4C (youtube)

Knowing when or how to trim your natural hair isn’t as difficult to figure out as you may think. There are many reasons why you might need to dust your ends. Uneven layers, split and knotted ends, lengthy detangling sessions, stunted growth and lack of volume or shape are key reasons why your hair might be in need of a trim.  You don’t have to cut your ends regularly but you do need to make sure you trim them when you spot breakage so you can keep your hair healthy, and growing. Here are 3 methods that are the most common options for trimming natural hair.


Two Strand Twist

Frizzy ends are a good indication that you might be in need of a dusting. Twist your entire head into small or medium sized two strand twist. This method will allow you to see the hair that needs to be trimmed because it tends to stay frizzy instead of twisting into a nice curl at the end. When you’re done twisting, starting from the nape, and snip the frizzy ends of each twist.


Slow and Steady

This method takes more time and can be tedious. Split your hair into four sections. From this point, working one section at a time, take smaller sections of hair and examine for single strand knots and split ends. Snip the ones you find and repeat. The issue with this method is that you can possibly end up with uneven ends so make sure to remove the same amount from each section.

Stretch and Snip

There are a variety of methods to stretch your hair. Banding is a popular method. You can also do two strand twists, stretch them across your head and pinning them down. The cinnabon is a looser form of a bantu knot, twisting it loosely around itself. Split the hair into four sections, then, section by section, take smaller pieces and lightly stretch them between your index and middle fingers sliding them down to the visible damaged ends. Using your fingers as a guide snip the ends off and repeat.


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  • Reply Tonja Dean February 28, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Thank you so very much for this information. I am just over a year out with my natural hair and have struggles with finding a style that suits me without my hair looking nappy and kinky. I have finally been able to embrace my natural hair and have found a style that I love. Determining my hair type was essential and then finding products that work for my hair type took a while. I also had to GET REAL about expectations. That silky straight look from the creamy crack era is over and finding a way to still have defined curls was a challenge. I finally found a routine that works for me and couldn’t be happier with my natural locks.

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