how to style short natural hair

How To Style Short Natural Hair

styling short natural hairIt may not seem like it, but believe it or not you have options for styling short natural hair! When you first do your big chop especially if you have not had short hair before you may be a total loss as to what to do. Use this blog as your guide! You will find hundreds of photos of short natural style inspiration from naturals all over. However, on this page we are going to cover a few MUST try style options and how to achieve them.

Wash n Go

The good news is at this stage, doing a wash n go is much easier than when you have longer tresses. All you need is the right product and technique to help your curls pop. To define your curls you are going to rake your hands through your hair section by section, this is what is often referred to as shingling. Even if you have a hair texture that is on the kinkier coily end, you are still able to get amazing results. Just don’t expect to transform your hair into something that it is not. Embrace your hair as is!

See AskPRoy Transform her 4C hair (not sure what 4C hair is? learn more here) into beautiful coils.

The Fro-hawk

The Fro-hawk is another easy go to style that can turn the worst of hair days into pure amazing! All you need is a good product to smooth your hair down with and some bobby pins and your set. Mona, puts a little spin on her fro-hawk by flat twisting the sides up (see you can get pretty creative). However, you can simply opt to just pin up the sides of your hair.

Twist Out on Short Natural Hair

Once you get about 3 inches of hair you can add defintion to your hair by twisting or braiding your hair, letting it set and after wearing them overnight or sitting underneath a hooded dryer undoing your plaits. NaturallyPhilo gets some glorious results using one of my personal favorite products, Shea Moisture Curling Souffle. Alternatively styling foams work great as well, ORS Styling Foam gives me great results.

Finger Coils

Finger coils may look hard, but they are actually pretty easy. All you need to do is: Work on Freshly Washed Hair or Saturate Hair with Water Use a styling gel Twist your hair around your finger until forms a coil (until you have completed all of your hair).

Fake it Until You Make It…

Who says you can’t have a fabulous bun or puff if your hair isn’t long? All you need is about 4 inches to acheive these results. Purely Kaice shows how you can create the illusion of fuller longer hair using no more than a stretchy headband! If you want a bun, all you have to do is simply neatly pin your hair down with some bobbie pins.


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