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How to Grow Out a Tapered Cut

image source: Devri Velazquez

During your natural hair journey you’ve probably experimented with many ways to style your twa. One of the most popular is the fun and stylish tapered twa. But what do you do as your hair grows longer and you’re looking for something new? Growing out your shaved sides takes time and there will definitely be an awkward phase but there are plenty of styles you can wear during your transition. The key thing you need is patience and understanding that this is just another part of your natural hair journey and to try and enjoy the process. But there are some things that you can do to promote hair growth and get your hair back to an even length.


Clean and Healthy Scalp

The key to hair growth is a healthy, clean scalp. Cleansing your scalp regularly allows you to avoid product build up which can clog your pores preventing hair growth. Also make sure you keep your curls moisturized with daily moisturizers, leave-ins and deep conditioning treatments to prevent breakage from dry brittle hair. For those of you with dandruff and irritated scalps the best products to use are dandruff shampoos. Though they do a great job on your scalp these shampoos can leave your hair feeling stripped so a great product to try is Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo which tackles the dandruff while leaving your hair feeling moisturized.

Get a Trim

A big concern with growing out a tapered cut is the uneven lengths between the sides and the crown of your head. If you have a shorter fade or you don’t mind losing a few inches off the top you can trim your curls to achieve a more uniformed look as your hair grows longer.

Protective Styling

Protective styling is a great option for low maintenance, low manipulation styles that allow you to grow out your hair without worrying about the uneven lengths. Crochet twist and braids as well as box braids and marley twists are all great options for those with close shaved sides. If you don’t want to go the protective style route you can rock a faux tapered cut, pinning up the sides to give the illusion of a tapered cut.


Patience will always be a vital component in your hair growth journey. Just like growing your hair after the big chop this too will take time. But if you eat healthy, drink lots of water and take regular care of your hair it will grow. Just have fun discovering new styles and products that work best with your hair and enjoy this part of your journey.

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