How to Do Finger Waves on Short Natural Hair

finger waves on short natural hair
When you think of finger waves, most often straightened hair may come to mind, but you can very well achieve finger was on short natural hair.

To achieve the best results and outcome follow these tips:

#1 Start on freshly wash and conditioned hair.

#2 On damp hair apply a leave in conditioner for moisture.

#3 For the best outcome work with damp hair, if your hair drys up a little bit during the process, use a spray bottle to re-wet your hair.

#4 Use a gel or molding product with a good hold. In the tutorial video above Clear Ice Hair Gel is recommended.

#5 To smooth, mold and shape the style use a fine tooth comb.

#6 You can let your hair dry naturally by wrapping it tightly with a satin scarf or sit under the dryer.

#7 For extra hold and frizz prevention you can use a hair spray (this may be a good idea in more humid and warmer temperatures).

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