15 of the Best Finger Coil Styles on Short Natural Hair

finger coil styles
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Finger coils, comb coils or just plain coils, this fabulous style has many names. It is any easy style to achieve and can give your curls gorgeous definition.  You can achieve this look with a rat tail comb or your fingers and your favorite styling pudding or gel, and it lasts up to a week. For the best results makes sure you start on freshly washed hair. Be sure you thoroughly detangle your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner.Next apply your styling pudding or gel and using a comb or your finger to twist your hair, making sure to keep close to the scalp and repeat. This process can take some time but the results are worth it, and with practice it will take less time. Here are 15 of the best coil out styles to give you some style inspiration.

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