Edgy Styles for a Night Out

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“Just got paid, Friday night, Party hopping..” and those curls need to be poppin. Girls night out is a fun and often essential night, weekly or monthly, where you can go out on the town with your girls. It’s important to hang with your girls but it is equally important to look fly at the same time. You might be thinking your options are limited with your short fro but this is so not true. Here are some fun edgy ideas to give you some inspiration.

Dye it


Temporarily of course!  There are a couple of tutorials on youtube showing naturals coloring their hair in a variety of ways. Some options are eye shadow, spray on temporary color, and chalk pastels. A product I used that worked great on my dark brown 4b/4c hair was Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash Out Color- Bronze Attitude. The formula is clay based and it comes with everything you need in the box. The great thing is you can control how bold the color is and there are multiple colors to choose from to go with your outfit.


Faux Hawk

We have all heard of the fro hawk but a faux hawk is a way to get the same look without the commitment. You can achieve this look by pulling the hair on the side of head towards the middle and securing it in place with a hair tie section by section from front to back. If you want to mix it up you can cornrow the hair instead and then pin it in place.

Perm Rod Set

Another fun look is a head full of super defined curls. All you need are some perm rods, your leave-in, and your go to butter or cream. To achieve the best result, style on freshly washed hair.


Slicked Back


This style might take a few hours but it is well worth it. All you need is your gel of choice, a tail comb to part your hair, and a boar bristle brush to work the gel in and create that subtle wave pattern. You can use your hair dryer to speed up the drying process.



A wig is no doubt the quickest way to switch up your look for your night out. A great option is the Marley twist wig. You get all of the style and none of the time commitment.  No need to worry about spending hours in the salon chair or attempting to do them yourself.


Bantu Knots


Bantu knots are one of the more popular edgy natural hair styles. You can create small bantu knots or make bigger sections for chunkier look. Either size is fabulous and the best part is you can undo the style the next day and have a gorgeous bantu knot out.

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