Common Myths About Natural Hair That Are Just Not True


Natural hair is becoming more and more popular. Appearing in the media, featured in fashion spreads and rocked by many popular celebrities, natural hair is everywhere. There are also tons of tutorials, articles and blogs dedicated to growing and caring for natural hair. Even with all of these examples and resources there are still many misconceptions about natural hair, preventing some of you from making the transition. Allow me to clear up some of those misconceptions for you.

It is Difficult to Manage

If you don’t have the proper knowledge in order to take care of it then it can be difficult. Keeping your hair moisturized with water or a leave in and sealing it with an oil of your choice makes natural hair much easier to handle, but it all depends on what your definition of manageable is.


You Will Be Treated Differently

Sure you will, but in the best way possible. Many who take the leap to go natural receive so many compliments and many from complete strangers. A constant showering of compliments is a nice change of pace.


Men Don’t Like Natural Hair

This is simply not true. Everyone has their preferences but there are plenty of men who love women with natural hair. Regardless, going natural is a choice you make because you want it and it should not be determined by what others may think.


It Won’t Grow

All hair grows, natural hair is no different. It is just harder to see the growth since natural hair, especially 4a/b/c, has a lot of shrinkage. To get a better idea of your actual length stretch out a curl. You can also do a twist out, stretching the individual twist across your head and pinning them down. When you take them out and style you will be able to see more of your length.


It is Super Strong

Natural hair is strongest when moisturized but it’s not indestructible. This is why it is so important to handle it with care and patience in order to avoid causing unnecessary breakage.


 It Won’t Look Good

It is your hair, of course it will look good on you! Maybe you’re not a fan of the basic short TWA fro. Not to worry there are many style options for short natural hair that will complement you. Check out this article for some ideas.

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