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Staying Fit With Natural Hair

It’s important to keep you hair and your body healthy. But you shouldn’t have to choose between the two. You should be able to keep your fitness regime and keep your twist out looking fresh all week. With regular…


How to Beat the Heat & Reduce Frizz

This summer has been one of the hottest summers yet and depending on your location you’re also battling some serious humidity. The combination of humidity and harsh summer rays are the ultimate enemy of any curly naturalista. The humidity…

pre-poo hair

The Wonders of Pre-Pooing!

What is a pre- poo? I know the term might sound weird for new naturals but pre- pooing is simply a pre- shampoo treatment which helps to protect your hair during washing. It isn’t an essential part of every…

big chop

You Just Big Chopped, Now What?

So you finally went for it! You big chopped and you’re felling all kinds of emotions, happy, free, scared, and excited. But, now what? You have no idea how to take care of your hair! Luckily there are many…

twa feels dry

4 Reasons Why Your TWA Feels Dry

You finally have your cute TWA, soft springy coils and all. But as time goes on, you settle into your regime and your hair begins to grow and change. Your hair might not feel or behave the same anymore…

Big Chop Again

When It’s Time for a Second Big Chop

There are many naturals out there who find that they need to have second time around with what is called the “big chop”. Here are signs that’s time to take a leap and start anew: #1 You have severe hair…