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wash and go on short natural hair

15 of the Best Wash and Go Styles on Short Natural Hair

wash and go on short natural hairA wash and go is one of the go to styles for many new naturals and summer is the time when most are looking to experiment with new styles. It, in theory, is relatively quick and easy style to achieve. All you need are freshly washed wet curls, your favorite leave in, and your preferred styling gel. Mastering your wash and go can take a few or many attempts. It can take some naturals months or even years to perfect the technique that works best for their hair. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that, just like other styles, a wash and go can only enhance your natural curl definition. If you love the way your hair curls when wet, then a wash and go style may be for you. Here are some of the best wash and go’s for some style inspiration.

Tip: Make sure that any wash and go tutorial you attempt features your hair type. This is important because the products or techniques used in the video might not work and you may not achieve the look you want.


image source: @tellie01

Gorgeous white curls

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finger coil styles

15 of the Best Finger Coil Styles on Short Natural Hair

finger coil styles
Mini Marley YouTube

Finger coils, comb coils or just plain coils, this fabulous style has many names. It is any easy style to achieve and can give your curls gorgeous definition.  You can achieve this look with a rat tail comb or your fingers and your favorite styling pudding or gel, and it lasts up to a week. For the best results makes sure you start on freshly washed hair. Be sure you thoroughly detangle your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner.Next apply your styling pudding or gel and using a comb or your finger to twist your hair, making sure to keep close to the scalp and repeat. This process can take some time but the results are worth it, and with practice it will take less time. Here are 15 of the best coil out styles to give you some style inspiration.

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The Best Tutorials for Enhancing Your TWA’s Curl Definition

image source: (

There are so many methods out there for achieving great curl definition. It is the main goal that many new naturals try to reach. Unfortunately, there is no special product or technique that can create curls that you don’t already have, but there are ways to enhance your natural curl pattern. Here are 5 video tutorials for defining your curls for every stage of short natural hair.

This tutorial by Jane Nashe is really great for new natural or for naturals on their 2nd or 3rd big chop.


LaCienega Issa will show you step by step how to achieve this defined finger coiled TWA.

This method isn’t how you typically see naturals defining their curls. But this tutorial by HairDeLaCreme features bentonite clay as the main product for achieving defined curls. I have tried this method myself on my 4B/4C hair and the clay really enhanced my natural curl pattern.

I absolutely love this tutorial by NaturallyPhilo because her tutorial introduces the LOP method (Leave-in, oil, Pudding). This particular pudding, Fantasia Argan Oil Pudding, beautifully defines her curls and is a great alternative to a styling gel.

This video by NappyFu TV is another great tutorial that gives you a great product alternative to gel that will still help you achieve defined curls.  Her channel is full of funny and educational videos and style tutorials perfect for both new and seasoned naturals.


The water only washing method is a method where you wash your hair in sections with water only, massaging and scrubbing your scalp to break up any build up. Detangle and then preen (distribute your scalps natural oils down your hair with your hands). After about a couple of washes your hair can become more naturally soft and defined. This method doesn’t work for everyone and you might have to modify it to fit your specific needs. This video by Pastaveia Monique shows her 6  week update with the water only method.


How to Use a Curl Sponge to Define your TWA

curl sponge
Every natural is always seeking perfect curl definition. We try every product and every technique we can find to get that perfect, springy curl. With short natural hair, especially TWA’s , your options for achieving curl definition may be limited. Coil outs, wash-n-go’s and lots of gel are great options but can be really time consuming and let’s face it, we don’t always have several hours to spare during the week to achieve perfect curls.

Enter the Curl Sponge! It’s hard to believe that a little foam sponge with holes in it will create gorgeous curls but this sponge is an ingenious product. It can create your most defined curls in just minutes. If that isn’t enough it also helps minimize frizz. Here is a step by step guide to achieve amazing curls.


Curl Sponge ( you can buy one or make your own)


Leave- in Conditioner or refresher

(For a tighter hold you can add some gel or curl custard/enhancer to your hair as well)


  1. Apply your leave-in or refresher to your entire head
  2. Pick out your hair
  3. Lightly press the sponge to your head and move it in a circular motion
  4. Make sure to always move sponge in the same direction (clockwise or counterclockwise to get desired effect)
  5. Do this until your entire head is curled


Check out this video tutorial on sponge curls:


This method is also really great for men with natural hair!:


And if you want to make your own sponge, you can grab this sponge and follow this DIY tutorial:


Want to Go From Long to Short Hair? Go for It!


For many the big chop is the pathway to going from relaxed to natural hair. However, there are many naturals who readily do a big chop trading their long healthy natural hair for a beautiful tapered TWA. Curls Unbothered is a prime example of this, she shares why she made the decision to ditch her waist length hair for a hot new cut. She felt as though her confidence was too wrapped up in her hair and letting go of that was a freeing experience. It just goes to show you ladies, your hair is beautiful at any length. You can still feel feminine and beautiful as a woman, without being tied down to how long your hair is. So, if you want to take the leap and give yourself the change go for it!

best curl definition photos

17 Photos of Naturals with TWA’s that Have the Best Curl Definition

best curl definition photos
image source: @askproy

In terms of natural black hair there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to texture and curl pattern. It ranges from wavy to kinky coily and everything in between and sometimes you can have multiple textures in the same head of hair. There are many products and techniques that can define your curls. For shorter natural hair, it is a great way to make your fro pop and add some variety into your styling routine. However, keep in mind that techniques like the curly girl method (CGM) don’t create curls but enhance what is already there. So if your texture does not curl while moisturized no product can create curls. No worries, though, you might not be able to use some techniques like CGM, but you can achieve some gorgeous curls with twist outs, coils, braid outs and bantu knots. Here are 17 examples of some of the best curl definition we at Short Natural Hairstyles have seen. Hope you are inspired by these curls!

image source: @akushikagonenatural

Faux hawk on flawless twist out.

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20 of the Best Tapered Short Natural Hairstyles

image source:
image source: @askproy

One of the most popular style options for a TWA is a tapered fro. It’s a fun funky style that has many interpretations. You can keep it super short with a buzz cut and a little extra on top or you can have a more obvious taper with shorter sides and a longer curls on top. You can even add some color to spice it up.  The possibilities are really endless. Here are 20 of the best tapered looks to help you pick the best look for you.

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15 of the Best TWA Styles with Hair Color

image source:

One of the best ways to liven up your curls and show your personality is through color.  There are so many colors to choose from, bright pink, platinum blond and bold red or maybe you like a more understated color like a rich bronze or a lighter brown. Need some help making up your mind? Here are 15 gorgeous looks to inspire you.

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Taking Care of Natural Hair in College

image source:
image source:

If you’re attending college right now you are no doubt  just coming off of a much needed holiday break and are preparing to confront finals week.  With a packed class schedule and all nighters , having anytime for your hair seems impossible. I didn’t go natural until my junior year and trying to keep my hair healthy while keeping up with my studies was a challenge. Here are a couple of tips that can help make your life a little easier.

Keep it simple

Protective styles are great, quick and simple. Picking a select two or three that are your go to styles can really save you some time. Styles like flat twist or braids with a middle or side part, or a tuck and pin style of your own creation are some great options. The last thing you need is to be late for an exam because you were rushing to remove your twist out.


Stock up

It is important to use breaks in the year to stock up on your favorite products, especially if you don’t attend school in a big city. It helps to get it all in one shot over the summer to last you until winter break when you can stock up again. Two to three bottles of your chosen cleansing product, three bottles of leave in, and one to two containers of your go to deep conditioner should last you until Thanksgiving or Christmas break. If you do happen to run out before then check out your local CVS or Walgreen’s to see what is available. Amazon and other online stores are also a great option for purchasing your favorite products and you can sometimes even order them in bulk.

Don’t Splurge on Products

There are so many products on the shelves now that cater to natural hair. So while you’re stocking up during your winter break take the month to check out some other less expensive options. Beautiful Textures is a great product line that keeps your hair moisturized with some great natural ingredients all for the price of $6.99. You can also use all natural products like ACV(apple cider vinegar), olive oil, coconut oil and many other natural products that are great for your hair that are inexpensive.

Explaining to your Room/Suite mate(s)

When I decided to go natural I was lucky enough to have no roommates but we can’t all get the living arrangement we hope for sometimes. If your roommate is another natural, they will understand and they can be a huge source of support, but more likely than not you could have a roommate of a different ethnicity. You might have to explain to them why you might take longer in the shower or why you’ll need some advanced notice before you two make plans or they bring someone over. Chances are they will be curious and have some questions but nothing to worry about.

Create a Schedule

Develop a hair regimen that fits into your packed schedule. Mark down when exams and projects are so you don’t end up skipping a wash day to meet a deadline. Pick the least busy day in your schedule and designate it as your wash day. For me it was Thursdays, but sometimes I would have to push it to Saturday if necessary. Missing a day or two is okay but a week or two might leave your hair extremely dry and prone to breakage. However, sometimes life happens, so make sure to follow up with a full deep conditioning treatment after your usual wash routine to help put some moisture back into your hair.

Beware of Strong Smells

I didn’t frequent too many parties in college but there was always someone smoking somewhere on campus. Whether I was stuck behind them on my walk to class or having to walk through a cloud of smoke in order to enter a building it was almost unavoidable and the smell would nestle itself into my fro and linger. Even staying too long in one of my favorite restaurants would leave my hair smelling like their kitchen. Natural hair attracts every scent and holds on to it, and it can take hours, sometimes days to air out. The only quick alternative is to wash your hair. So be prepared to set aside a Sunday to wash away the smells of the weekend for the coming week.