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15 of The Best Photos of Shaved Sides on Short Natural Hair

Shaved sides give you the opportunity to get really creative with your look. You can add something different by getting a design on the side of your hair, a simple part, or you can add a little more drama with longer hair at the top.

On @shortnaturalhairstyle Instagram we spot tons of fabulous looks with shaved sides. Here are 15 of some of the best looks with shaved sides that we have posted.

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finger waves on short natural hair

How to Do Finger Waves on Short Natural Hair

finger waves on short natural hair
When you think of finger waves, most often straightened hair may come to mind, but you can very well achieve finger was on short natural hair.

To achieve the best results and outcome follow these tips:

#1 Start on freshly wash and conditioned hair.


#2 On damp hair apply a leave in conditioner for moisture.

#3 For the best outcome work with damp hair, if your hair drys up a little bit during the process, use a spray bottle to re-wet your hair.

#4 Use a gel or molding product with a good hold. In the tutorial video above Clear Ice Hair Gel is recommended.

#5 To smooth, mold and shape the style use a fine tooth comb.

#6 You can let your hair dry naturally by wrapping it tightly with a satin scarf or sit under the dryer.

#7 For extra hold and frizz prevention you can use a hair spray (this may be a good idea in more humid and warmer temperatures).


15 of the Best Undercuts with Box Braid, Twist and Loc Extensions

Nape undercuts are one of the hottest hairstyle trends this year. It is a great way to spice up your usual natural styles and the options in designs allow for a bit of fun and to express yourself. This style looks great on short natural hair because the design can remain visible. Another fun way to wear it is with protective styles like box braids, twists and faux locs. Every time you put your hair up (and with this style that will probably be most of the time) you can show off your cut and if you want to switch up the look you can always put your hair back down to cover the style, offering more versatility than a side cut. There are some pros and cons to consider for this style like maintenance and added expense but that can easily be made up in the amount you save in product usage and the overall dopeness of your new style. Here is a list of 15 of the best nape undercuts with box braids/ twists to give you some inspiration for your new style.

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Celebrity Big Chops That Will Inspire You to Take the Plunge

celebrity big chops
These days it looks like everyone is living the TWA life. In fact, some of our favorite celebrity ladies have taken the plunge by doing the big chop trading in long sleek styles for short natural looks. See our curated pic of our favorites as of late!

Taraji is giving us some real black girl magic in this photo! Tym Wallace, her longtime stylist, said that after wrapping her upcoming movie Proud Mary, Taraji wanted to go all-out with a chop to help her natural curls thrive.

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Crochet Braids on Short Natural Hair

image source: TheBrilliantBeauty-


Crochet braids are one of the latest popular styles. It’s a great way to change up your look as you go into the fall season. But depending on how short your hair is it might be difficult to get your hair in the cornrows necessary to achieve your desired crochet style. If you’re not sure if you can do it yourself schedule an appointment with a stylist. But if you want to try this style on your own and are not the best at cornrows I suggest flat twisting instead.  It’s easy and beginner friendly and you were probably already doing them for your twist out anyway. If you’re comfortable with cornrows but need a quick refresher check out the video below.


For a full tutorial on how to achieve this style watch this tutorial by Beautycanbraid.


Another great way of achieving crochet braids on short natural hair that’s much easier than the above method is the No Cornrow method.

With this method you’re going to need:



  1. Part a section of hair
  2. Wrap rubber band around section
  3. Push crochet hook through base of the section of hair
  4. Hook the crochet hair onto the hook and pull part way through the base of your hair
  5. Loop the end of the crochet hair through the loop and pull taut
  6. Lightly unravel part of the crochet hair and wrap it around your hair completely hiding your hair
  7. Repeat


For a more in depth explanation of this process check out these great tutorials


How to Do Braid Extensions on Short Natural Hair

Photo Source: Eye for Ebony

Box braids, Senegalese and Marley twists are all staple summer protective styles for many naturals. These styles are great because they protect your hair while you enjoy the pools and beaches. However, if your hair is on the shorter side you might feel that theses styles may not be an option for you. That may be true for the traditional way of adding braiding extensions but with the rubber band method you can easily install your braids/twists.

First thing you do before you even start is to soak the braiding hair in a bin of water with a cup of white vinegar for an hour. After this you might see a white film on the surface of the solution. This is the coating of alkaline lye that is sprayed on the hair for heat resistance and to prevent mold from growing. Rinse and set the hair out to air dry. Doing this helps prevent the itchiness that can sometimes occur with extension hair.

For added protection apply your usual leave-in and sealant products to the extension hair so that it doesn’t leech all your hairs moisture.


After you wash, condition and deep condition your hair you are ready to style.


Rat tail comb


Leave in conditioner

Sealing oil

Black or clear plastic rubber bands (these won’t pull your hair)

Braiding hair


  1. Part your hair into sections. They could be medium or small depending on how large you want your braids/twists.
  2. Apply leave-in, and sealing oil to the hair
  3. Apply gel to the root of the hair
  4. Wrap rubber band around the section of hair several times close to the root, just make sure it’s not too tight
  5. Take your extension hair and using your hair as the third strand, begin to braid
  6. Depending on what style you want you can keep braiding or after 3 -4 turns split your hair and start twisting

Check out these great tutorials to help you achieve the perfect twist or boxbraid.

This is another way of doing the rubberband  method that might be easier if this is your first time styling your hair this way. This method works with smaller twists/braids and on short natural hair (I used this method to twist my mom’s short natural hair)


15 Photos of the Best Salt and Pepper Hair Looks

image source: @glendakharrison

The natural hair movement is a large and ever growing force effecting women all over the world of all shapes, shades and ages. There are so many blogs and natural hair gurus dominating the scene and spreading their knowledge and experiences. With all this representation, many of these popular faces are younger (20’s-30’s). This was brought to my attention with a comment by Mary asking to see a post representing more mature woman she can relate to rocking a TWA to inspire her styling regime. There are so many women over 40 rocking their natural hair looking fabulous and we don’t see enough of that. Here are 15 of the best naturals over 40 with salt and pepper curls that give you life and inspiration.

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How You Can Easily Do a Ponytail on Short Natural Hair

source: Keyara Anntionette

If you are a few months out from doing a big chop or your hair is any length between TWA and that awkward length, then you might be thinking that a ponytail is just not in the cards.  Well I am here to tell you that it is indeed possible to achieve a beautiful full ponytail/puff with a few steps and your favorite products. And don’t worry this ponytail style does not involve any flat irons or heat styling that could damage your curls.


What you will need

  • Spray bottle to dampen hair
  • Leave –in conditioner
  • Sealing oil
  • Gel of your choice with strong hold (Eco Styler gel)
  • denman brush (regular or modified)
  • soft bristle brush
  • hair tie
  • a pack of hair
  • bobby pins


  1. Dampen the hair with the spray bottle
  2. Make sure to apply your leave-in and sealing oil because the gel can be drying to the hair
  3. Thoroughly detangle your hair, with your fingers or with the brush, to make the it easier to lay down your hair
  4. Add a part (side or middle) to add some extra flare (this step is totally optional)
  5. Apply gel and smooth with hands as you go and applying more gel as needed
  6. Follow with denman and soft bristle brush for added smoothness
  7. Once all hair is smoothed down, tie remaining hair together with hair tie
  8. Grab your choice of hair and start wrapping and pinning it around your hair
  9. And Voila!! You’re done!!


Here are a few video tutorials if you need a visual guide for this style:




Here is another great tutorial that is a little less involved and no gel required:



10 Elegant Short Natural Hairstyles Perfect for the Prom

short natural hairstyles prom

It’s prom season, a time for promposals, dresses, limo rentals and of course hair! If you did your big chop at the beginning of the year or maybe your hair is in that awkward stage (somewhere between short and medium) you might not know of some good style options. You may feel that the sweeping, elegant styles typical of special occasions can only be achieved with longer hair, but this is most definitely not the case.  There a ton of options for elegant short naturals hairstyles to inspire you. Here are 10 tutorials of formal styles for your short natural hair.


This first style is one for the ladies in that in between stage, with hair too short to be medium but too long to be a TWA. All you need is a set of perm rods and some bobby pins to achieve this updo.

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How Often Should You Wash Your TWA

How Often to Wash Your TWA

A good starting point for cleansing your hair is once per week. However, being that with a TWA tangles are not as bothersome you could wash even more often than this if you choose to. In fact, when your hair gets longer you are going to miss how easy washing your hair use to be.

How often you wash your TWA will depend on a few things:

  • The styles you like to wear
  • How much products you use
  • How active you are
  • The weather

For example, if you are a heavy product user, you are working out sweating all the time, and the weather is sticky and humid you may find yourself washing your hair as often as every three to four days. On the other hand if you do not use a lot of products, you like sleek styles, and you are in cooler weather you might go up to two weeks before you feel the need to wash your hair.

Start with washing your hair once per week and if you find that you need to do it more or less often adjust as necessary. Enjoy the ease of washing your hair without the worry of tangles and the time consumption, one of the many perks of rocking a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA).


Recommended Shampoos:

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo

True by Made Beautiful Shampoo

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Shampoo