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Tami Roman is team #short natural hairstyle now!

tami roman short natural hairstyle

Miss Tami Roman is looking absolutely fabulous ya’ll and she has gotten a beautiful new blonde short natural hairstyle. Tami has always been beautiful but it’s good to see her healthy and slaying her gorgeous natural tresses.

tami roman

So here for it and loving the new look!

tami roman tapered twa

What do you think of her new cut?

tami roman short natural hair style
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10 Crazy Things People Have Said to Women with Short Hair

crazy comments about short hair

Some of the comments that arise about a woman’s decision to rock short tresses can range from completely rude to downright crazy. After reviewing some feedback from the TWA community via social media here is a list of the top 10 craziest things people have said to women with short natural hair:

Did you really want your hair cut that short? 

Yes, in fact, that was the point. The stylist didn’t get happy with the clippers. It was a choice and a good one at that. Even though short styles aren’t anything new, long flowing coils are a popular topic of many videos in the natural hair community. Big chops usually are done to get rid of damaged hair and start fresh, but many women just want a fun new look.


You did that to be lazy. 

Maybe, maybe not. Shorter hair is easier to take care of and requires less product, but there is so much versatility when it comes to styles. You can twist, finger coil, taper or dye it. Some of these cute styles do require more maintenance than the others, so they are most definitely not for the natural that desires easy upkeep.

Are you protesting something? 

Honestly, you just wanted a new look or maybe you’re starting off your natural hair journey. It is your own personal journey and doesn’t have to necessarily be about making any public statement.

You have to wear heels and makeup all the time so people don’t think you’re a guy. 

False, just stop. You don’t have to look very far for examples of naturals with short hair rocking many styles. Anything from a t-shirt and jeans with a fresh makeup-free face, to a full-on glam look. Both are beautiful and both highlight your natural beauty in different ways.

When are you going to grow it back? 

Does it matter? Especially if you’re loving the short look, there is no point to growing back what you’ll probably just chop off again.

Are you going through something?  

Many times life events can spark a big change, like Sanaa Lathan’s character Violet Jones in Nappily Ever After. But that’s not always the case.  You might have done it for the health of your hair or simply because you like the tapered look. At the end of the day, it is your hair, your choice and you don’t need to justify your decisions to anyone.

Did you talk to your boyfriend before cutting it? 

No, why? You love your boyfriend or significant other, and you would consider them in the decisions you make but you don’t need to ask for permission to cut your hair. If they really care for you, then a haircut will not be a deal breaker. If it makes you feel beautiful and liberated, then that should be all that matters.

That’s not sexy! 

There is no one way to be sexy. Sexy is different for different people. And at the end of the day, that is just that one person’s opinion, it’s not a fact. Don’t let them knock your confidence, rock your short cut and love your life.

Your booty isn’t big enough for a bald head. 

Honestly, I had no idea this was a requirement for having short hair. This is a beyond rude statement that suggests that your body has to compensate for your short cut, and this is ridiculous.

Did you cut it because of the Black Panther movie? 

Yes, Wakanda Forever!

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How to Avoid Style Disaster at the Salon or Barbershop

stylist cutting natural hair style
image source:

As a naturalista your used to taking care of your own hair, but maybe you feel like switching up your style. With summer upon us you could be considering getting a tapered cut or dying your curls a fun color. Sometimes with styles like these, it is best to consult a professional instead of attempting them yourself. With natural hair you have to be much more careful when choosing your stylist/ barber, making sure you find one that knows how to handle natural hair so that you have the best experience possible. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your appointment runs smoothly.



Do your research

When looking for a stylist or barber always do your research on them. Look up the shop and check out the reviews. Did anyone have any serious concerns or bad experiences? Check out popular hair forums for any disaster stories. If the reviews are overall pretty good, then you have found a good option and at least have some idea of what to expect on your visit.


Not all shops have reviews to look up so calling them up to ask a few questions or set up a consultation is a good idea. Just because a shop provides the service your looking for doesn’t mean it’s the right place for you or your curls. For a stylist be sure they have experience working with your hair type, especially if the salon isn’t one that specializes in natural hair. For a barber make sure they have experience with cutting women’s hair. If you don’t you might walk away with hard lines and sharp angles.

Take a picture with you

This seems a little self-explanatory. You might think your description of the style makes sense to you but it’s much safer if you bring a reference photo with you. This will make things much easier for you and the stylist/barber.

Bring your own products

If you want to be sure about what gets used in your hair bring your own hair products with you. This is the best option if you prefer to use all natural hair products or sulfate free shampoos.

Wash and moisturize beforehand

If you for some reason can’t bring your own products to the appointment, opt for prepping your hair beforehand. This is standard practice for barbershops but salons usually offer a package deal of a wash, blow dry and style. Some salons try to push for the full service because that is how they make the most money, but if they remain persistent then you know this is not the place for you and you are probably dodging a bullet.


The Best Products for Defining a TWA

image source: 4aDaniels (youtube)

Curl definition is one of the first things that new naturals try to achieve. However, it is important to understand that there is no product that create curls, it only enhances what is already there. You have to learn to accept your natural curl pattern and learn that not everyone will have the same or any curl uniformity.  Most curls, loose, or tight, can be defined with the right technique and the right products. Here are some product options to define your TWA.


A gel is usually the go to product when naturals are looking to define a wash n go. They are great at creating clumpage and provide great hold for long lasting definition. Some things to be aware of with gels is that some can cause your curls to feel crunchy. Also depending on what products you use with your gel, you could experience some flaking. Make sure you pick a gel that provides a crunch free hold that works well with the other products in your regimen. A great gel to try is Ecostyler gel. It gives you great clumpage and long lasting hold with minimal stiffness.




Another product that defines curls is a curling or styling pudding. Puddings are great because they give you the definition without the crunch. A great pudding is Ic Fantasia Argan Oil Pudding because it can define your curls almost as good as a gel. This product is great to use during your wash n go’s as well as any twist or braid out. Just keep in mind products like these enhance your curl pattern but they do not create curls that aren’t already there.



Mousse is great for looser curl patterns. It is light weight while providing a mild hold. For tighter curl patterns this product is great to use in your twist outs and braid outs, a great option for longer tapered cuts. A great option is Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Frizz- Free Curl Mousse. A cheaper alternative that yields the same results is LottaBody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse.



Custards and jellies are another type of curling product you might come across in your search for the perfect curl defining product. Theses tend to be thicker and more moisturizing than gels which helps in retaining moisture. Some great options are Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Curls Blue Berry Bliss Control Jelly. Products like these also provide great definition for your wash and go’s.


Curl sponge

A quick and easy option for defining your curls with minimal product is a curl sponge. Make sure your hair is moisturized using your desired products then place the sponge on your hair and move it in small circles, going around your entire head. Make sure to move the sponge in one direction, either clockwise or counter clockwise, to make it easier to form the curls. This product works great on small TWA’s as well as longer tapered cuts. Grab yours here.


The Benefits of Going to a Barbershop

image source: @brittj_mua

The natural hair movement has taken the world by storm, encouraging women to transition from processed to natural hair. Women everywhere are transitioning, doing big chops and even second big chops. With new hair comes new style options and some of the most popular styles, especially with summer coming up, are short and tapered cuts. Instagram accounts like The Cut Life, Mrs_Tahirah, Step The Barber and ShortNaturalHairtyle all feature women with short natural hair ranging from TWA’s to tapered cuts to fades.

View this post on Instagram

Beautiful cut by @limthemasterbarber

A post shared by Short Natural Hairstyle (@shortnaturalhairstyle) on

Most naturals usually style their own hair but when your rocking a short or tapered cut you might want to add some extra edge to your style. This is when you consult a professional.  While most people think to go to a professional stylist, a professional barber is at many times a better option. Here are some of the great benefits to going to a barbershop for you next cut.

Saving Money

At a salon you usually get a wash and condition, a blow dry, and a style and that can add up. You don’t get that at a barber shop but the cost of your cut won’t be any more than $28. As a natural, you’re probably used to washing your own hair anyway and saving money is always a benefit.

Saving Time

Because all your getting is a trim and shape up the amount of time you spend their gets cut in half as well. No more all day trips to the salon. Just ask your barber “How many you got?”, and he should give you an estimate for how long he’ll be.

Masters of Their Craft

Barbers are masters of their craft. The precision and detail in their cuts are unmatched. This makes them the best choice if you want a soft line up, clean taper or dope fade. If you are a natural that loves to try fun new styles and designs, book an appointment at your local barbershop.

If by the end of this article you are convinced to hit up your local barbershop for your next cut here is a great video by Iesha Hodges with some great tips for how to pick a barber and what to expect on your first trip.

cut and color natural hair
Care Featured

Thinking of a Cut and Color? Here’s How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

cut and color natural hair

With the warmer months coming up coloring your natural hair could be just the change you need to give your curls new life. Take precaution with the type of permanent color you choose because coloring can cause damage to healthy hair. Some milder options to choose from are henna and temporary color rinses. These options work great for darker colors as lighter colors can take a toll on your strands. But if you’re dying to try light blonde curls be sure to consult a professional to minimize possible damage. Here are some tips on how to care for your dyed natural hair to reduce risk of damage and increase the overall health of your hair.

Moisturize Regularly  

Black natural hair already needs lots of moisture and color treated hair even more so. Because the coloring process can be damaging your hair needs lots of moisture and TLC. Use sulfate free moisturizing shampoos to add moisture and protect your color. A great option is TGIN Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo. If your shampoo lakes a moisturizing component be sure to pre poo beforehand. A  mix of your preferred conditioner and oil will help protect your hair from that stripped feeling shampoo often leaves behind. A nourishing deep conditioner applied every time you wash your hair is key for infusing some much needed moisture into your curls. Also, a solid LOC method will help you retain all that moisture that you just packed into your strands and always pay extra attention your ends. NappyFu has a great method for protecting your ends when styling.


Protective Styling

Wearing protective styles can help reduce the damaging effect of coloring your hair. This is especially important during the cold weather months where your hair is more prone to breakage and split ends. You should try to wear protective styles most of the time to protect your hair from this type of damage and help retain your moisture. I know you want to show your new color off so try styles like individual twists or flat twist styles. When you take them out after a couple of days you’ll have a super defined bomb twist out that shows off your new color.

Space Out Your Touch Ups

An important part of maintaining your color treated hair is getting regular touch ups to keep your hair looking fresh. But coloring that frequently causes more damage to your curls. Try to space out your touch ups as much as possible to give your hair time to recover from the chemicals in the dye. If you coloring process involved bleach giving your hair time to rest is even more important.  Plus, you can always rock the two toned look and there are a bunch of cute styles you can do to hold you over until your next touch up.

Care Featured

How to Grow Out a Tapered Cut

image source: Devri Velazquez

During your natural hair journey you’ve probably experimented with many ways to style your twa. One of the most popular is the fun and stylish tapered twa. But what do you do as your hair grows longer and you’re looking for something new? Growing out your shaved sides takes time and there will definitely be an awkward phase but there are plenty of styles you can wear during your transition. The key thing you need is patience and understanding that this is just another part of your natural hair journey and to try and enjoy the process. But there are some things that you can do to promote hair growth and get your hair back to an even length.


Clean and Healthy Scalp

The key to hair growth is a healthy, clean scalp. Cleansing your scalp regularly allows you to avoid product build up which can clog your pores preventing hair growth. Also make sure you keep your curls moisturized with daily moisturizers, leave-ins and deep conditioning treatments to prevent breakage from dry brittle hair. For those of you with dandruff and irritated scalps the best products to use are dandruff shampoos. Though they do a great job on your scalp these shampoos can leave your hair feeling stripped so a great product to try is Jason Dandruff Relief Treatment Shampoo which tackles the dandruff while leaving your hair feeling moisturized.

Get a Trim

A big concern with growing out a tapered cut is the uneven lengths between the sides and the crown of your head. If you have a shorter fade or you don’t mind losing a few inches off the top you can trim your curls to achieve a more uniformed look as your hair grows longer.

Protective Styling

Protective styling is a great option for low maintenance, low manipulation styles that allow you to grow out your hair without worrying about the uneven lengths. Crochet twist and braids as well as box braids and marley twists are all great options for those with close shaved sides. If you don’t want to go the protective style route you can rock a faux tapered cut, pinning up the sides to give the illusion of a tapered cut.


Patience will always be a vital component in your hair growth journey. Just like growing your hair after the big chop this too will take time. But if you eat healthy, drink lots of water and take regular care of your hair it will grow. Just have fun discovering new styles and products that work best with your hair and enjoy this part of your journey.

Featured Style

When Should You Start Protective Styling Short Natural Hair

Protective Styling for Short Natural Hair
Photo Credit: @glammzmore

Protective styling is known for helping women grow healthy hair, but when exactly should you start implementing it? If you wish to grow your hair out, at a certain point protective styling is going to be helpful in caring for your hair.

Here are signs that you may need to start incorporating it into your routine:

  • Your is becoming matted all the time
  • It tangles easily
  • Combing is uncomfortable

Here are some easy starter protective styles to try:

  • Two strand twists
  • Finger coils
  • Braids

When you have 3 inches of hair or more, you more than likely will encounter the signs like matting that are indicators that you will need to implement protective styling.

By implementing protective styles it will reduce matting, make combing less cumbersome and it also serves the purpose of defining your curls. The one downside is that when your hair is shorter you are probably going to want to do smaller sized two strand twists, coils and braids which will take you a bit longer. However these styles do last up to two weeks or longer and when you want to to remove them you will have a curly style option.

big chop before and after photos
Featured Style

8 Must See Epic Big Chop Before and After Photos

big chop before and after photos

Sometimes we big chop because we want to go natural, to cut off damage or simply because we want something new. Whatever the reasons are “a woman who cuts her hair changes her life”. Here are some photos that we were inspired by and had to share in our feed @shortnaturalhairstyle on Instagram. The transformations are beautiful and it goes to show you that you don’t always have to have length to have great style.

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