The Best Tutorials for Enhancing Your TWA’s Curl Definition

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There are so many methods out there for achieving great curl definition. It is the main goal that many new naturals try to reach. Unfortunately, there is no special product or technique that can create curls that you don’t already have, but there are ways to enhance your natural curl pattern. Here are 5 video tutorials for defining your curls for every stage of short natural hair.

This tutorial by Jane Nashe is really great for new natural or for naturals on their 2nd or 3rd big chop.

LaCienega Issa will show you step by step how to achieve this defined finger coiled TWA.

This method isn’t how you typically see naturals defining their curls. But this tutorial by HairDeLaCreme features bentonite clay as the main product for achieving defined curls. I have tried this method myself on my 4B/4C hair and the clay really enhanced my natural curl pattern.

I absolutely love this tutorial by NaturallyPhilo because her tutorial introduces the LOP method (Leave-in, oil, Pudding). This particular pudding, Fantasia Argan Oil Pudding, beautifully defines her curls and is a great alternative to a styling gel.

This video by NappyFu TV is another great tutorial that gives you a great product alternative to gel that will still help you achieve defined curls.  Her channel is full of funny and educational videos and style tutorials perfect for both new and seasoned naturals.


The water only washing method is a method where you wash your hair in sections with water only, massaging and scrubbing your scalp to break up any build up. Detangle and then preen (distribute your scalps natural oils down your hair with your hands). After about a couple of washes your hair can become more naturally soft and defined. This method doesn’t work for everyone and you might have to modify it to fit your specific needs. This video by Pastaveia Monique shows her 6  week update with the water only method.

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