The Wonders of Pre-Pooing!

pre-poo hairWhat is a pre- poo? I know the term might sound weird for new naturals but pre- pooing is simply a pre- shampoo treatment which helps to protect your hair during washing. It isn’t an essential part of every healthy hair regime but it does come in handy especially if you use shampoo to cleanse your coils regularly. Typical pre- poo’s are oils such as olive and coconut, honey mixed with oil,and lightweight conditioners.

To pre- poo saturate your hair with the pre-poo treatment of your choice and let sit for an hour or 15-20 minutes with heat and wash as usual. Choosing to use this treatment will add extra time to your wash day but here are five reasons why it’s absolutely worth it.

Helpful detangler

Apply your pre- poo while detangling your hair. This will make it much easier to remove knots and tangles. The treatment will lubricate your strands making them softer and more elasticized preventing breakage due to detangling.

Easier to wash

Though pre-pooing takes extra time this process really helps to loosen dirt and build up from your hair fibers. This allows the dirt to more easily slide off your tresses, and hopefully result in a shorter wash time.

Protects hair from stripping

After shampooing your hair can feel stripped of all its natural oils, applying a pre- poo treatment can help protect your hair cuticles from losing their moisture. This allows you to get your hair clean without completely stripping it every time you shampoo and reducing the likelihood of breakage while styling.

Replenish moisture

Your natural hair can always benefit from a little extra moisture. Stressors from the elements like heat, humidity, wind and everything in between can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Adding a pre- poo treatment into your routine will help to restore moisture to your hair and revitalize your curls.

So Shiny

After pre- pooing, your hair and scalp will definitely be very grateful for the extra dose of moisture and oils. Your coils should also feel soft and look shiny and healthy. Whether you choose to add the treatment to your routine or not is entirely up to you and your hair needs, but a little extra moisture and shine are always welcomed.

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