Crochet Braids on Short Natural Hair

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Crochet braids are one of the latest popular styles. It’s a great way to change up your look as you go into the fall season. But depending on how short your hair is it might be difficult to get your hair in the cornrows necessary to achieve your desired crochet style. If you’re not sure if you can do it yourself schedule an appointment with a stylist. But if you want to try this style on your own and are not the best at cornrows I suggest flat twisting instead.  It’s easy and beginner friendly and you were probably already doing them for your twist out anyway. If you’re comfortable with cornrows but need a quick refresher check out the video below.

For a full tutorial on how to achieve this style watch this tutorial by Beautycanbraid.


Another great way of achieving crochet braids on short natural hair that’s much easier than the above method is the No Cornrow method.

With this method you’re going to need:



  1. Part a section of hair
  2. Wrap rubber band around section
  3. Push crochet hook through base of the section of hair
  4. Hook the crochet hair onto the hook and pull part way through the base of your hair
  5. Loop the end of the crochet hair through the loop and pull taut
  6. Lightly unravel part of the crochet hair and wrap it around your hair completely hiding your hair
  7. Repeat


For a more in depth explanation of this process check out these great tutorials

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