6 Protective Styles for Short Hair

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I’m always talking about the importance of protective styles. They protect your ends, the oldest and most fragile part of your hair, from breakage allowing you hair to grow and stay healthy. There are the usual styles like box braids, Marley and Senegalese Twists, cornrows and even wigs. But in this article I wanted to give you some styles that you can achieve with just your hair with the option of adding hair to achieve more volume. Just remember protective styles protect the ends of your hair but, if left in too long can cause some strain on your edges so remember to give your hair a break in between styles.

Flat Twist Updo


There are many styles you can do with flat twists. This updo is both easy and elegant.

High Bun

I know what you’re thinking but you don’t have to wait until your hair gets longer to do a high bun. All you need is some gel, a hair tie, bobby pins and some Marley hair. This style keeps your ends safe and tucked away under the bun, just make sure to give your hair a break every other week or so.

Halo Crown

This is one of my personal favorites. You can either twist or braid your hair into this beautiful style. If you want more volume add some kinky afro hair as you twist/braid.

Flat twists with a bun combo

This look allows you to get the bun without adding hair. This style can be achieved starting with an old twist out, some water, a brush and a headband.

Flat Twist Updo on Tapered Cut

I love this style because it gives the ladies with a short tapered cut a quick and easy protective style that looks beautiful.

Mini Twists

The best thing about this style is that it last for several weeks making your morning routine a breeze. Make sure to twist them tightly (but not tightly to your scalp) to avoid stray hairs and to make the style last longer.


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