5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Your TWA

confidence and short natural hair
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Going natural is a completely new and exciting experience. For many it can represent new beginnings and a new year. But as the year goes on and you begin to descend from the initial high of this big change your confidence can begin to slowly wither away. To feel excited about your new fro again you need to let yourself get comfortable. Here are five ways you can empower yourself and increase your self confidence in your TWA:

#1 Bringing Sexy Back

Believe in the sexiness that is your newly natural hair! Play with styling and cuts to enhance your new fro. Think of the things you love about your hair; is it frizz free, super shiny, or amazingly springy? Recognize your positive traits and accept the many compliments you are most likely receiving and acknowledge the beauty that is your natural hair.

#2 Educate Yourself

There are many YouTube videos and blogs at your fingertips filled with tutorials, advice and reviews to teach you how to begin caring for your fro. But much of the learning process will be filled with a lot of trial and error. Be gentle with yourself and your coils as you figure out what works best for you.

#3 Connect with other naturals

One of the best things about going natural is that you gain the support of a huge community.  There are hundreds of YouTube channels, blogs and product reviews to help guide you in your natural hair journey. But if you’re seriously considering going back to straightening your hair try attending a meet up in your area for natural hair.  This is not to pressure you into staying natural but to surround yourself with other women who understand how hard it is to transition. A great place to start is

#4 Just go with it

Some days your hair does exactly what you want, other days it has a mind of its own! Going with the flow, especially since your still learning, is essential to the acceptance and love of your natural hair.

#5 No Comparing Your Curls

I know it’s hard watching those videos of experienced naturals with their gorgeous coils and feeling envious or discouraged, but it’s important to remember it’s not a competition.  Everyone’s natural hair journey is different and uniquely their own. Being patient and learning to love your TWA can bring a much needed boost of confidence.

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