5 TWA Hairstyles that Will Freshen Up Your Look

TWA Hairstyles

Now that the initial rush from your big chop has died down and you have settled into your daily hair regimen you might find yourself getting a bit bored with your usual fro. Wash and go’s and mini fros are great but at a certain point you begin to crave some variety. Here are some fun options to spark some inspiration:


One of the most popular looks for naturals is the tapered cut. It gives a new shape to your TWA and adds a new dimension to you twist outs and coil outs.

Side Part

Side Part TWA
Create a side part by parting wet hair and applying a firm hold gel and blow drying until part holds. Or you can shave it in!



asymmetrical TWA cut
This fun and funky style is a great alternative to the regular everyday fro. You can get this look with an already tapered cut or by patting down your hair at the sides. Use a satin scarf to further secure the sides.

Curl itCurl Sponge on TWA
Finger coiling is a great way to add some serious definition to your TWA but it is also really time consuming. Try this quick and easy curl sponge method. All you need is a DIY twisting sponge (created using a big sponge and scissors) and your own moisturizing curl defining cream.

Fro hawkfro hawk twa
If you’re a daring girl and you really want to change up your look shave down those sides and rock a fro hawk. Or for a less permanent look you can pin up the sides to lay flat giving you a cut faux hawk.


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