5 Reasons Why Short Natural Hair is the Best!

why short natural hair is the bestDon’t underestimate the benefits of rocking a teeny weeny afro. While long natural hair is definitely gorgeous, it’s also more WORK. Which is all the more reason why you should enjoy this phase of journey. Here are 5 reasons why having short natural hair is the best!

#1 Wash your hair as often as you like

The longer your hair gets the more time consuming wash day will be. When your hair is at a shorter length you can choose to cleanse your hair every three days or so and suffer very little bothersome consequences.

#2 Tangles Are Manageable

You will find that you have little to no tangles. Any tangles you do experience you can be rid of in a snap!

#3 No need to worry about protective styling

Since tangling is not a big issue at this stage, you can wear your hair out free as often as you like. You can do styles like twists and cornrows for a style change, but they are not must to keep your hair healthy.

#4 Less Time Spent on Hair

From washing to styling, short natural hair is definitely less time consuming. Unless you plan on doing something a little bit more fancy with your hair, the general maintenance is a breeze compared to what’s down the road.

#5 It Just Looks Cool

Come on, tell me you don’t see the beauty in a gorgeous tapered cut! Some cuts are so awesome they have naturals with longer tresses just dying to do the big chop again.


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