4 Reasons Why Your TWA Feels Dry

twa feels dryYou finally have your cute TWA, soft springy coils and all. But as time goes on, you settle into your regime and your hair begins to grow and change. Your hair might not feel or behave the same anymore and you can’t quite figure out why. Maybe it’s something you’re not doing or it could be the products you’re using. Here are a few reasons why you might be having trouble keeping your TWA soft.

You Have Product Build Up

Some naturals use only two products to keep their hair soft and healthy while others pile on layers of products to achieve their desired look. No matter how many products you use you can still have product build up. Your scalp becomes dirty and itchy and your curls don’t respond to your usually styling methods anymore. To get rid of build-up, cleanse your hair in sections with an apple cider vinegar rinse, cleansing condition or mud wash. Shampoos with Tea Tree are also good for giving you a nice clean slate.

You’re Not Sealing in Moisture

The best moisturizer for natural hair is water! But it’s not enough to just spritz your hair with water daily to keep your curls soft. You need to seal in the water with an oil such as coconut oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil. For extra protection seal again with a cream or butter, like whipped shea butter.

Your Hair Refuses to Retain Moisture

If you are taking the necessary steps to seal in moisture but your hair still feels dry then you might need to deep condition with a treatment masque or a protein treatment. This will revitalize your strands and make your TWA soft again.

You’re Not Using the Right Products

Are you using sulfate free shampoo? Shampoos often have sulfate as the second ingredient in their products. Sulfate can strip the protein from the hair can cause breakage. Luckily there are many sulfate- free shampoos on the market that cleanse the scalp without leaving your hair feeling completely stripped of all oils. To better protect your strands pre poo with coconut oil to add an extra layer of protection when shampooing your TWA.

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