17 Photos of Naturals with TWA’s that Have the Best Curl Definition

best curl definition photos
image source: @askproy

In terms of natural black hair there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to texture and curl pattern. It ranges from wavy to kinky coily and everything in between and sometimes you can have multiple textures in the same head of hair. There are many products and techniques that can define your curls. For shorter natural hair, it is a great way to make your fro pop and add some variety into your styling routine. However, keep in mind that techniques like the curly girl method (CGM) don’t create curls but enhance what is already there. So if your texture does not curl while moisturized no product can create curls. No worries, though, you might not be able to use some techniques like CGM, but you can achieve some gorgeous curls with twist outs, coils, braid outs and bantu knots. Here are 17 examples of some of the best curl definition we at Short Natural Hairstyles have seen. Hope you are inspired by these curls!

image source: @akushikagonenatural

Faux hawk on flawless twist out.

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