7 Responses to 15 Photos of the Best Salt and Pepper Hair Looks

  • Thank you for this! I’m sending this post to my mom as inspo. She’s been rocking her salt and pepper TWA for about a year now and loves it! #BLMGirl

  • Love the coily TWA which is a style I rock. I’m 50, haven’t let the grey come in. Pair with hot earrings, bold lipstick and glasses. In there!

  • I liked the ” salt and pepper hair looks. do you have some more ”gorgeous pop of gray styles I can looks at?

  • Lovely pics. I am over 50 and have a lot of grey but I color as I have not had the courage to let it grow out. These pictures do inspire me to not only go natural but to also flaunt my greys. Thank you.

  • What hair products do you use?

  • I’m 60+ and have experimented years ago, mainly with rinses. Began to gray around 40 and loved it then and love it now. My take on gray hair is, I appreciate and cherish it like everything the Creator, because didn’t have to give me any at all.

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