15 Photos of the Best Salt and Pepper Hair Looks

image source: @glendakharrison

The natural hair movement is a large and ever growing force effecting women all over the world of all shapes, shades and ages. There are so many blogs and natural hair gurus dominating the scene and spreading their knowledge and experiences. With all this representation, many of these popular faces are younger (20’s-30’s). This was brought to my attention with a comment by Mary asking to see a post representing more mature woman she can relate to rocking a TWA to inspire her styling regime. There are so many women over 40 rocking their natural hair looking fabulous and we don’t see enough of that. Here are 15 of the best naturals over 40 with salt and pepper curls that give you life and inspiration.

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7 Responses to 15 Photos of the Best Salt and Pepper Hair Looks

  • Thank you for this! I’m sending this post to my mom as inspo. She’s been rocking her salt and pepper TWA for about a year now and loves it! #BLMGirl

  • Love the coily TWA which is a style I rock. I’m 50, haven’t let the grey come in. Pair with hot earrings, bold lipstick and glasses. In there!

  • I liked the ” salt and pepper hair looks. do you have some more ”gorgeous pop of gray styles I can looks at?

  • Lovely pics. I am over 50 and have a lot of grey but I color as I have not had the courage to let it grow out. These pictures do inspire me to not only go natural but to also flaunt my greys. Thank you.

  • What hair products do you use?

  • I’m 60+ and have experimented years ago, mainly with rinses. Began to gray around 40 and loved it then and love it now. My take on gray hair is, I appreciate and cherish it like everything the Creator, because didn’t have to give me any at all.

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