10 Reasons to Rock Short Natural Hair

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Natural hair has its challenges and I’m sure you’re discovering all of them on your journey. With short natural hair there are so many cute styles and accessories to try, it is easier to maintain, and a huge time saver. Here are a few more reasons why you should embrace your short natural fro.

Sense of Freedom


You can’t help but feel liberated when you big chop. Even after transitioning and you finally cut off your straight ends, you feel a sense of relief because you no longer have to worry about two different textures.

Fun New Styles


At first you may think that your style options are limited when it comes to short natural hair but that is most definitely not the case. Natural hair is extremely versatile. There are many cute styles to choose from and tons of inspiration and tutorials to help.

Unique and Special


The color, the texture, the way it behaves is all unique. Your curls are uniquely you and special, celebrate them!

Water is your Friend


If you are new to the natural world one of the most important products you could use on your hair is water. You don’t have to run in between the drops or forgo beach days because you just got your hair done. Water is a natural moisturizer and your new best friend.

No Long Salon Visits

Because you are caring for your own hair you no longer have to block out a whole day for a trip to the salon. You don’t have to worry if your stylist is available because you are your own stylist. Through caring for your own hair you can gain a sense of pride because you know how to keep your curls healthy.

Change is Good


Transitioning to natural hair is definitely a big change. Even long time naturals looking for a change cut the hair short again. Short natural hair is where it’s at!

A Quick Routine

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The best part of short natural hair is how quick your routine is. Wash days are a breeze and styles take less time to achieve leaving you with more time in your day.

 It’s a Money Saver

Unless you are a product junkie, maintaining your short natural hair is nowhere near as costly weekly salon visits because you are doing your hair yourself. All you need as a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, oil, cream and water and these products will last you at least two months if you’re not heavy handed.

Go Ahead, Break a Sweat

Gone are the days of sweating out your hair. With your short natural fro you can get your sweat on in the gym and just follow up with a quick rinse if you feel like you need it.

Tons of Compliments

Because natural hair is so versatile you’re bound to be changing up your look and a new looks usually comes with a ton of compliments. Soak in all the love.

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